Track Record

Our history over the past 30 years has included a wide variety and often challenging civil projects.
The majority of these works have been carried out in the Central North Island region, were we have been based for the past 30 years.

Projects have included hydro electric schemes, geothermal power station and steam field development, roading, landfill cells, subdivisions and forestry contracts.  This work has often been challenging but rewarding, working in the geothermal ground conditions of the Wairakei, Ohaaki, Tauhara, Rotokawa and Mokai Fields and also developing site works on the Hinemaiaia, Whaeo/Flaxy river hydro schemes. 

Protecting the environment and carrying out safe work practices have been paramount to the success of all these projects.

Our experience and relationships formed over the years have lead to a significant growth in our business with machinery, skilled and technical staff being added to take on the large projects we have been and are currently involved with.


We have been engaged on Contact Energy Ltd sites since 1985, from the Ohaaki Power Station to drill site and geothermal pipeline construction. Work has included construction on the Aurora Project, the 7 km “T” line reinjection pipeline and the formation of some 30 drill sites for production, reinjection wells in the Wairakei, Ohaaki and Tauhara fields.


Recent commitments include additional well sites, earthworks and other formation for the Centennial Drive Binary Plant and the construction of the Wairakei East Holding Pond.


Our operators have been inducted into the Contact Energy Ltd system and our Foremen are permitted to uplift “Work Authority Permits” which allows work activities in otherwise no go areas.

GENESIS ENERGY LTD - Rangipo Sluice Gates Stilling Basin Investigation

2016 – $40,000.00

This work was carried at the Rangipo Power Station which is located on the environmentally sensitive Tongariro river.

Challenges to be considered during this project were environment, time frame (Station/Dam shut was limited to 10 days) and a certain amount of uncertainty of what conditions might be encountered.

Work involved de-watering of the sluice gate stilling basin area, excavation to remove gravel and boulders and the control of the water throughout this operation. This was to allow the inspection of the damamged sluice gate/baffle area to take place.

Work was completed on time and without any contingency measures being implemented

Minginui / Te Whaiti Dairy Conversion

Tauhara North Farming & Co LP – 2015 – 2016

$2.5 Million

With the growth in the dairy sector, a major part of our workload has been in the development of dairy farms over the last few years.

Major tributaries and streams had to be crossed during this project. BOP Regional Council specification and regulations were implemented and met, taking special emphasis to ensure the integrity of these sensitive areas which are of local significance to local and wider community.

Te Ahi O Maui - Kawerau A8D Block - Well Pad Construction

Old Coach Road Intersection, Earthworks for Power Station

$1.2 Million

In early 2016 Seay Earthmovers Ltd was awarded the Tender to Construct the production and reinjection well drill sites on the new Eastland Group Geothermal JV in Kawerau.

Our expertise in this area of construction along with our high level of Health & Safety and Environmental performance was key in being awarded these works.

The success in the construction of the Geothermal Well pads led to our being awarded the civil works for the Old Coach Road Intersection with SH 34 as well as the Earthworks for the Power Station site.

Flyover video of the Te Ahi O Maui – Kawerau A8D Block 

WRK - WKM C Transmission Line Project



Wairakei – Whakamaru C Line project


This contract has included completion of the access and tower foundation construction, as well as aggregate supply as subcontractors for Brian Perry Civil.


We also completed building the crane pads for Electrix

Contact Energy Ltd - BAU Steamfield Developement Project

2011 – 2014    $13 Million

Contact Energy engaged our services to develop Production and re-injection well sites along with pipeline and roading routes for the further development of the Wairakei Steamfield.

Steamfield resources had to be developed to meet the needs of the new Te Mihi and Te Huka Power Stations being constructed.

Work involved bulk earthworks and supply and laying of Aggregate sourced from our quarry in Taupo.

All project milestones were met to deliver sites on time for the set up and drilling of wells for the MB Century rig.

With significant focus on Health & Safety and the Environment, work was completed to the expectations of Contact Energy and governing authorities Waikato Regional Council.

Taupo East Arterial Route (ETA)

As subcontractor to Fulton Hogan Projects our main activity involved the initialising work for the major earthworks on the East Taupo Arterial bypass, the new 16km of highway runs along the eastern outskirts of Taupo (from Wairakei to Taupo Airport). This work included the set up of the environment controls, major culverts and the supply and delivery of aggregate from our quarry (Taupo Scoria Ltd).

One of our teams on the project also carried out earthworks on the intersection of SH1 and SH5 forming the roundabout at the northern end of the job (Wairakei). This work involved precise planning and controls to ensure traffic flow is not disrupted.

M.I.T. - Taupo Racetrack - A1 GP Upgrade

Sub contracting to Works Infrastructure, we were part of this exciting local contract which transformed horse paddocks into a 2 km extension to the existing racing circuit in just 7 months, to be complete on time for the first A1GP to be hosted in New Zealand.

Primarily, this involved approx 95,000 m³ cut to fill, 55,000 m³ borrow to fill and the stripping and re-spreading of topsoil. Our machines worked with the contractor to ensure accuracy of sub grade with often challenging designs with some corners off camber.

The suitability of Scoria was investigated as a product for high speed run off areas and was found to be superior to anything else in the region. It provided progressive slowing of vehicles and in most circumstances drivers are able to drive out of these areas. Largely this eliminates the need for a safety car, we delivered some 5.300 tons of Sap 7 to site from our Quarry (Taupo Scoria Ltd).

It was a major step forward to have a circuit of this standard developed in NZ and we are proud to have been a part of this project.

Project Showcase

  • 2011 – 2013 – Mighty River Power – Nga Awa Purua Power Station: Subcontractor to Hawkins. 150,000m3 of earthworks, generator and cooling tower foundation, hot and cold well excavation and supply of aggregates.

  • 2010 – Wairakei East Pond (Contact Energy Ltd)

  • 2010 – Miraka Powder Factory (Miraka/ Tuaropaki Trust) 120,000m3 of earthworks and supply of aggregates for the construction of a milk powder factory at Mokai.

  • 2010 – Ohaaki Wetland Construction (Fish and Game NZ) 1100m long (50,000m3) of impermeable bund construction to create a habitat for fish and bird life.

  • 2008/9 – Nga Awa Purua Power Station site works – (MRP) Subcontractor to Hawkins. 150,000m3 of earthworks, generator and cooling tower foundation, hot and cold well excavation and supply of aggregates.

  • 2006 – Taupo Motor Racing Track upgrade for A1GP circuit (M.I.T.) 160,000m3 of earthworks and supply of 5,500m3 of red scoria for runoff areas.

  • 2006 – Gourmet NZ site works for 5Ha of Glasshouse development at Mokai.

  • 2005 – Parawera Point Subdivision (Symphony Group)

  • 2001 and 2005 – Landfill Cell construction (TDC) Construction of impermeable subgrade and installation of HDPE liners.

  • 1996/7 – Rotokawa Power Station site works – (Ormat). Over 100,000m3 of earthworks including 14m deep Generator foundation.

  • Taupo District Council Construction of Owen Delany Park Sports Field complex – 100,000m3 of earthworks to contruct Taupo’s premiere sports ground complex
Glasshouse Development - Mokai
Ohaaki Wetland