Our large late model fleet of Caterpillar machinery has many advantages over similar conventional plant.

       336EH 33

Fleet List 3

All Terrain Dump Trucks (ADT)

  • Hungry sides for carting larger loads.
  • Tail gates fitted to ensure no spillage and extra capacity.
  • Slippery decks to prevent carry back of material to load station – especially important when handling geothermal clays.
  • 6 wheels drive cross locks for difficult wet conditions.
  • CAT engine, acert technology complying with international emission standards (TIER III).


  • CAT ‘high track’ system.
  • Differential steer system allowing constant drive to both tracks while turning.
  • CAT engine ‘acert technology’ complying with international emission standards (TIER III).
  • D7E


Trucks and Trailers

Kenworth 33

  • We have recently added two brand new long haul Kenworth T409 Truck and Trailers to our Fleet to keep up with the high demand of Scoria required in the Auckland market.
  • We run a fleet of late model Isuzu trucks with 4 axle trailers - Capacity 27.5 tonnes



  • Slippery liner installed in bulk buckets to reduce material buildup.
  • Variety of attachments - tilt buckets, trench bucket, rock breaker, rakes, ripper, ‘slashbuster' (clearing vegetation).
  • All fitted with hydraulic Quick Hitches for ease of changing attachments.
  • CAT engine acert technology which complies with international emission standards (TIER III).
  • Earthworks are controlled by grade lasers.
  • Machines are fitted with ROP's cabs. Dust and noise levels are minimized which enhances operator comfort and productivity.


Fuels and Oils

  • Fuel is delivered by our site re-fuelling truck which is fully equipped with fire extinguishers, shovels and a spill kit in case of fuel spills. 
  • No fuel is kept on site.


Staff Vehicles

  • All staff vehicles are equipped with shovels, fire extinguishers and first aid kits.